Laboratory Workers

The laboratory where all the magic happens

As you walk into the laboratory, the first thing that stands out is its spotless white color and bright lighting. You’ll notice the machine that conducts rigorous experimentation and research, ensuring you get the best and safe quality. Most of the staff donning the white lab coats are seated in their stations going about their duties and consulting each other on the results of the various chemical reactions. One thing that stood out was the minimal movement.

The sound of medical equipment’s and machinery produce a perfect hymn and rhythm, it’s a bit distracting at first, but with the time you’ll get used to it. During the rounds, I meet three wonderful doctors and researchers, and we get into a detailed discussion on what they do and what are their roles in the manufacture of Spanish Fly Products.

Dr. Kevin Indigo

Meet Dr. Kevin Indigo he is the lead laboratory manager and a certified doctor; he is the chief administrative head in the laboratory setting who ensure everything runs smoothly in the day to day operations without hiccups. His specialty is a laboratory pathologist whose sole purpose is the identification and cause of low sexual drive in both men and women; he is the starting point in a long chain of production.

Dr. Cindy Newman

Dr. Cindy Newman is a clinical laboratory technician whose main job is to detect the presence of diseases that lead to low sexual libido or drive.

Her primary work is to provide assistance to physicians and determine the best course of action to take when treating the patient and many other great things.

Dr. Paul Limmo

Lastly is Dr. Paul Limmo is a clinical laboratory scientist; his main role is performing clinical and extensive laboratory procedures that adhere to the regulations, guidelines, and procedures of the relevant authorities.

Another role he performs is the troubleshooting of minor problems and breakdowns of machinery within the laboratory set-up. Dr. Limmo’s role is very crucial in the production of Spanish Fly Products due to the extensive quality control checks to ensure the products are healthier and safer for human consumption.